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Importance of Knowing About Current Affairs

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Current affairs refer to the minute-by-minute happenings in a country or society that is of political, social or financial importance.

Why Are Current Affairs Important to Us?

For students, knowledge of current affairs is important as this is one section in their competitive examination papers. After clearing the written exams, they must attend an interview where also their views on the latest current affairs are sought. So, students appearing for these exams must know what’s currently in the news.

Scope of Current Affairs

Current Affairs comprise the latest and most in-depth news in the field of politics, international politics, business news, education, science and technology, environment, defence, etc. You can pick it up from specific books, magazines, news channels and apps that deal with this in a focused manner.

How to Keep Abreast of Current Affairs: Tips

To keep abreast of the current affairs 2019 scenario in your city and nation, here are a few tips that you can use:

Read the daily newspaper regularly. Allot a definite time to reading the paper. After reading briefly every page of the paper, go back to read all the important news of the day and jot down notes. Make a note of whatever you find important so that you can go over it later.

Read in detail the current affairs of the day on websites. Source the Net for some websites that provide updated information on topics of current GK. They usually present it in a way that students will find useful to digest. Visit these sites every day and note down important news you find here.

Join Groups on Facebook or Twitter. By doing this, you can express your opinion on these social media networks. When you interact with other members on these sites, your thinking will expand and your knowledge will improve.

Participate in the Quizzes on Websites. By taking part in quizzes on Current Affairs, you will know exactly where you stand in the realm of Current Affairs and can improve your performance once you know your standing.


There are many benefits to being one-up on Current Affairs, even if you’re not a student appearing for competitive exams. When you’re out with friends and a topic of current affairs comes up, you can speak eloquently and gain their respect.